Under $500 Gaming PC Setup – Step by Step


Oh man man this was a long episode we’re here talking about we have been doing this for now what coming up on four and a half five hours guys. Let’s say I was impressed with this $499 build like I knew that it would run things at high frame rates it’s more than capable of doing it. Especially with adjusting settings but I mean you were seeing a solid 60FPS easily with apex and with fortnight with settings set to the default settings with no issues. Whatsoever I mean we had msaa at 16 which is crazy you know for only 499 bucks and then you know for an extra 20 30 bucks that I made it to look good. I was building in this case all in all it went together very easily it was a very easy build and then again you saw some of the expandability we could do.

But I want to give this some closing thoughts number one look if you can spend a hundred dollars more. And you want to just get that extra extra bit of power I would recommend spending a hundred dollars and going from a 65th 1650 super to a 1660 super. It’s just a little bit more but the pairing between that card and this os is just gonna make it that much cleaner. You’re gonna sacrifice just that little bit less specifically for super. I framerate gaming if you really want to speed up your load times you can spend another hundred bucks instead of just doing the 250 Gig SSD.

You could spend an extra 75 bucks and do a 1 terabyte I’m about to drive like kind of what I threw in here you’re gonna speed up your load times. At the same time you’re also going to up your overall hardrive space again you always have that $15 and going to that one terabyte SSHD. But again you’re gonna sacrifice low times overall and the speed is gonna be much slower.

To think that we’re taking credit for it cuz ever do is loving our $499 build but I’m not entirely sure that’s what’s happening. Now was there anything that wasn’t clear, was there stuff that you felt like we were lacking on. Are you gonna build this PC we’d love to know tell us about it here

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