Under $500 Gaming PC Setup – Step by Step

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We dealt with everyone’s burning question about what the best PC for $499 is.

We walked through the parts told you our reasoning and sent it out to the wilds of the internet. However we are not done yet, we don’t just recommend a PC full of parts and call it a day. Pretty excited we’re gonna build it we’re gonna test it and we’re gonna see how our recommendations actually hold up. Just like I anticipated it isn’t easy choosing a $499 PC and we had a lot of inspiration on the build. When we put it out there it’s not like I wasn’t expecting to get a lot of inspiration. I mean this is however and of course you guys know more than I do. I’m ok with that but I wanted to walk us through the parts again and I’ll try to address some of those inspiration. Because I did have a reasonings and I felt they were important. So now it’s not just about rehashing what we did in last week’s. It’s also about building it getting it up and running and playing some games to see how this little beast is going to perform. A couple of the same caveats first this is not made to look pretty now here we are optimizing for power. Regardless of how it looks and I’m throwing in some cable extensions to make sure it looks good for b-roll. Because even though it’s isn’t one of our killer builds there’s only so much I’m willing to sacrifice. But remember the cable extensions are optional you do not have to put them in but we got to make it look good.

You know I’m saying the CPU and GPU were the most critical components here with the GPU being the most important. So we had to sacrifice across the other parts including looks to get the best PC for the $499 price. Second prices change and at the time of our original it came in at just over $499. In fact when I rechecked on all the prices After we released the statement it had actually jumped by $40. A lot of the parts had quickly gone out of stock now I’ve added additional links in the stock. But these are volatile times and I just can’t promise where prices are gonna be on a week-to-week basis. Now like I had stated in the previous statement this isn’t like my corner store on a thousand dollar build. Which is made to be upgraded includes all the latest and greatest tech like PCIe Gen 4 from AMD and NVidia. When you get to $499 a lot of that goes out the window because here it is about maximizing the power per dollar. Across generations of components not just using X 570 in the latest gear. Fundamentally outside of replacing the GPU or even the CPU to bolster the brawn of this PC. You aren’t gonna see PCIe Gen 4 or USB 3.2 Gen 2 by 2 here because you just cannot do that at this price point. This means that if and I do emphasize if there is support for PCIe Gen for 3000 series NVidia or our DNA 2 cards from AMD. Aren’t going to be able to use this build recommendation to unlock that potential. In fact you would be hard-pressed at this price point to find anything like that. Now that’s not to say you can’t unlock a lot of potential when upgrading this PC. But it has limits compared to my 1k PC which you can check out here. Which gives you the ability to adopt all the latest architecture from AMD and NVidia. Now this build will give you great high FPS gaming and will run games at 1080p at greater than 100 frames per second.

With the ability to modify settings to run at 1440p or 4k if you adjust the settings to work with those resolutions. This is no gaming beast of a PC there’s going to have to be some compromises in graphical facility for building fidelity fit. They did fidelity to get some frame rates you want it’s no slouch either. Don’t get me wrong and it will more than scratch that PC gaming itch of plenty and do it well.

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