True Yoga

True Yoga Peacefulness (Ahimsa) - Happiness Begins Within Truthfulness (Satya) - Integrity Creates Personal Power Generosity (Astheya) - Giving Initiates the Law of Prosperity Self-Control (Brahmacharya) - Moderation Increases Energ Appreciation (Aparigraha) - Gratitude Brings Abundance Life Integration - Creating a Harmonious Existence Purity (Saucha) - Choosing Less Offers More Contentment (Santosha) - Accepting What Is Equals Freedom Right Action (Tapas) - Pairing Passion and Non-Attachment Self-Reflection (Swadhaya) - Discovering Your True Nature Devotion (Iswara Pranidhana) - Surrendering to Love Deeper Practices - Connecting to Your Divinity Right Posture (Asana) - Physical Practice for Comfort and Ease Energy Management (Pranayama) - Control and Expansion of the Life Force Inward Turning (Pratyahara) - The Peace That Waits Within Focused Attention (Dharana) - Developing Concentration Meditation (Dhyana) - The State of True Stillness Liberation (Samadhi) - Achieving Lasting Bliss