The L’Oréal Paris Cosmetics Voluminous Superstar Mascara Washable Blackest Black, Our Review

Nude eyes, cut-crease eyes or for any eye makeup, mascaras bring a definition to your eyes. Without them, your eye makeup is not complete. And, it’s just not eye makeup per se., any kind of makeup you’re creating incorporates mascara as an indispensable tool. Using a mascara for the first time, don’t worry just check out our article An Easy and Informative Guide On Applying Eye Makeup

Acknowledging that mascara is integral in any type of makeup, literally means that it should be a really good one! Mascaras are used to highlight eyes, therefore, if you go wrong with your purchase, you will end up in an incomplete and messy face makeover. Let us begin with the review of the product and see if it does make for a good mascara. 

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Need and purpose of a mascara


They help you to enhance your natural lashes. That will give your lashes look fuller and beautiful. It will elongate your lashes and widen them. Your lashes will appear longer, thus making your eyes look brighter and wider. It aids to give a volume boost to your eyelashes, thus making your eyes appear more attractive. 

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Foremost, the eyeliner and mascara combo are a complete set to achieve any eye makeup look. A mascara thickens your lashes and elongates them. It helps to curl your lashes and give them more precision. You can straighten or curl your lashes with mascara. It sums up the whole makeup look. Without applying a mascara your eyes can look incomplete with simple eyeshadow or eyeliner. One coat of mascara brightens up even dull looking eyes. You can learn more about different eye makeup looks in our article Learn Eye Makeup Techniques All The Way From A Beginner To A Professional Salon Level! 

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Why do you need the Loreal voluminous mascara, washable blackest black?

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The product is very easy to apply. It is also quite easy to remove. It can be washed off without too much of a struggle. The mascara helps you to easily extend your lashes and give them a lifting effect. The primer in the product helps to prime your lashes evenly and as required. It helps you to coat your eyelashes with the right technique.

What purpose is served by the Loreal voluminous mascara, washable blackest black?

The mascara gives you an impactful appearance. It helps build you a perfect eye makeover. It seeks to give your lashes extreme curvature and create volume, thus creating a showstopper eyelashes look. The primer aims to make you an ultra-smooth mascara base, so that the mascara can be gilded on very easily. 

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For whom and for what?

If you have sensitive eyes, this product causes no irritation. Therefore, people with contact lenses can also wear it without any hitch.

If you struggle with the mascara removal process, the Loreal voluminous superstar washable mascara is easily removable with soap and water. 

If you love long and full definition lashes, the product aims to give you high curvature extending lashes that sits well with any eye makeup.

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If you’re someone who deals with a difficulty in coating tiny lashes, this product claims to coat each lash very accurately. The primer helps to set the base, coating each and every lash, for a smooth mascara application.

If you are a beginner who fights with the process of even mascara application, the product lets you set your base with the primer. The primer gives you an even base to easily use the mascara with the right amount of coating.

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Definition of the product 

A 2-in-1 tube of eyelash primer and mascara. The color of the mascara is blackest black. The color of the primer is white. This is Loreal’s first ever primer and mascara system combo, which is designed to give you a transformed eyelash makeover experience. The brand claims to give you superstar eyelashes because of its super voluminous, super extending mascara. With its super smooth and super even primer to help coat the mascara well. A smudge free wear and easily washable with soap and water. Ophthalmologist and allergy tested product, suitable to wear with contact lenses and on sensitive eyes.



  1. No clumping
  2. No flaking
  3. Long wear
  4. Extra length
  5. Extra volume
  6. Good for finicky eyes
  7. Good for sensitive eyes
  8. Easy wash off with soap water or any makeup remover
  1. Feels little heavy
  2. Feels little hard
  3. Light smudging may occur

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How to wear the Loreal voluminous mascara, washable blackest black?

Step 1 – use the eyelash primer in one end of the tube to coat your lashes.

Step 2 – do not let the primer dry up!

Step 3 – apply the mascara. Extend it on top of the lashes.

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Features and benefits

  1. Fiber rich blackest black formula gives you jet black eyelash coating.
  2. Curved applicator enables easy curving of your lashes. Curved eyelashes make eyes bright and popping.
  3. Suits sensitive and contact lens wearers as the mascara doesn’t have any kind of lash fibers that falls on eyes, thus, reducing visibility and causes irritation.
  4. Super extending eyelashes with the help of mascara and primer. The primer self-elongates your lashes. 
  5. Nourishing primer helps to coat every lash without any eye irritation.
  6. Voluminous application benefits to give your lashes an uplift and fuller appearance, for eyes that speak!
  7. Full coverage of all lashes with the precision and right direction, even before you apply the mascara.
  8. Ultra-smooth primer base and even application maximizes the effect of mascara.

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L’oreal Paris Cosmetics Voluminous Superstar Waterproof Mascara, Black

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From the same brand but a cheaper alternative. 

Super extending, volumizing and long lashes that are smudge proof and waterproof. The primer helps to set an even and smooth base to easily glide the mascara on lashes. It gives full coverage on every lash and coats evenly. Black formula rich in fiber gives you long show stopping eye drama. The process to apply is the same as above! The mascara lasts you all day long. 

Maybelline New York Makeup Great Lash Washable Volumizing Mascara, Blackest Black

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A cheaper, under budget alternative.

A mascara that volumizes and nourishes as well. The lash building applicator brush creates dramatic eyelashes without clumping or globs. With a lash doubling formula that is easy to apply and glide on the eye lashes. It conditions your lashes with every coating. It is infused in hypoallergenic formula that makes it suitable for wear with contact lenses too. Gives your lashes a natural voluminous lift in one application. The mascara can be removed pretty easily without any harsh rubbing or pulling.

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Fifth and Skin NATURLASH Natural Mascara, Black 

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It is a hypoallergenic mascara, ideally for sensitive eyes. It is also well suited for – contact lens wearer, dry eyes, allergic eyes, blepharitis eye condition and sensitive eyes. The mascara is free from – gluten and paraben. It gives your lashes length and thickens them. It claims to give you lashes that are darker, fuller and thicker, without irritating the eyes. The product is resistant to water and tear. It is not waterproof and hence, can be easily removed with soap and water. Its conditioning and nourishing properties will help you to grow long and strong eyelashes, with continued usage. A buildable volume lashes with very minimal clumping. It is easily applicable on eyelashes. Can be used as an eyeliner and on the waterline too.

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Our Verdict 

In our opinion, the L’Oréal Paris Cosmetics Voluminous Superstar Washable Mascara is a must try! It is an affordable option, amongst many, that gives you long stay defined eyelashes. The primer nourishes your lashes without giving your eyes any irritation. It sets the base for your mascara so well, that you can use it to prime with other mascaras, as well. It helps you to wear your mascara easily and apply evenly, coating every lash. The primer coats your lashes all over, giving a fuller coverage. The mascara extends and curls your lashes giving it an enhanced, elongated and curvature with high volume. Give it a try and do come back, let us know how your experience was.

We are all ears. All the best!