SARLA Blonde Hair Extension Halo Curly Long Synthetic Hairpieces for Women Our Review

The way we style our hair can change our entire look. I love trying new looks and styles on my hair, and one such style led me to this extension. In the shade of dirty blonde color, invisible headband wire and a heat friendly product. It aims to give you a comfortable hair extension’s experience. It needs no use of clips or or any other pasting accessory. Especially suitable for wavy hair types. The product can be used according to your size, color and shape of your hair.

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How to apply?

There are two ways to use it on your hair –

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  • The first method starts by placing the headband wire behind the line as shown in the above figure.

Then pushdown the headband very slowly and set it just above the ears. 

Let it sit at the base of your skull. 

Use a tail comb to pull the natural hair over the extension gently. 

Iron well to match it and set it properly.

  • The second method begins with splitting the hair into two sections, with a top high ponytail.

Make a high top ponytail leaving the two sections at each side, above the ears.

Place the hair extension behind the high top ponytail.

Pure hair over the hair extension.

Release the top ponytail very gently, without disturbing the invisible headband.

Tousle the hair to allow it to blend naturally.

After you are done applying the hair extension in one of the above ways, use a hair curler to style the hair, this will also help to set the synthetic fibre hair extension properly. 

To help set the synthetic fibre hair extension properly, release the curler from your hair, after it cools down. That’ll help maintain the right form of the hair. 

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How to select the right fit?

  • If your hair daily is V-shaped, about all the sizes available (will suit you.
  • If your hair has a sleek Bob cut, use the hair extension of the same length. One additional benefit of this will be that it will add more volume to your hair.

How to select the right shade?

Since you cannot dye the hair extension, as it is made of synthetic fibre. Choosing the right shade is pretty important, this will help you to achieve a very natural hair look.

  • Begin by matching the hair extension with the color of your natural hair tail. 
  • You can go for a color hair extension. That’ll give you a natural color highlighting effect.
  • If you love highlights in your hair, opt for a darker shade than your natural hair color.
  • For ombre shade, choose the color, which is one shade lighter than your natural hair.

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How to adjust the headband (if needed)?

  • Use pliers to open the silicone beads on the wired headband. 
  • You will know that the silicon beads have opened, once they are in a round shape.
  • Now you can loosen or tighten the wire as needed.
  • The last step is to readjust the silicone beads in their original shape using the pliers.

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When should you use the product? 

Use the product to give your hair a new definition. This product helps to style your hair by yourself without any expert help. Now, because the product is reusable you can use it anytime you want to. Use the product at your comfort and pace. It gives your hair and your look. also helps to give your hair and added volume without having to use any heat protectant or heavy blow drying. The product helps you to achieve a suitable look for any occasion. Therefore, you can use it as and when required.

Why should you use the product?

It does not damage your hair, rather beautifies it. The product does not call for any glue or sticky application. Therefore, the mess of such is put away. The entire process of selection application and removal of the product is easy.

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Pros and cons of the SARLA Natural Wave Halo Hair Extensions 


  • Suitable for everyday wear.
  • The texture is soft.
  • Easy to wear without any expert help.
  • It feels great on the hair.
  • The product blends well with natural hair.
  • The texture is very much like normal hair texture. It is not very glossy or has artificial shine.
  • For the price range, the product does a good job!
  • It can be used for a largely repeated number of times.
  • Comfortable to wear and hold.


  • The wired metal fastener is a little bulky.
  • The hair extension might not hold for tough activities, such as dancing and partying.
  • Tangles a little.
  • You may need a hair tangle spray when you are taking it off. So that the hare tangling is lessened.
  • Hair gets pulled easily while you’re combing or brushing it.


Easy to do it yourself product. You do not require anybody’s help to put it on and remove it.

The product helps you to restyle easily. You can use scissors to give it the shape you desire. You can also call with an electronic hairs stick to achieve the kind of shape that you desire.

No glue or tape adhesive puts away the problem of glue spillage on the hair. When that happens, it becomes difficult to remove the glue from your natural hair strands. Your hair can get stuck and the entire process becomes difficult.

Size of the headband can be adjusted as per the size of your head.

The hair extension is heat friendly. Hence, you can style the way you want. Even if it is waves that you love or curls that you adore!

The hair extension is clip free, therefore, it avoids any discomfort of pinching or plucking the scalp.

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The overall feel of wearing this product is light. It doesn’t feel heavy on your head. Therefore, it becomes easy to wear the product for a longer time period.

The product sets in pretty well on your hair. It gives you an overall natural voluminous look. It feels just like your natural hair.

The headband wire is invisible. So obviously, no one will know whether you have worn a hair extension or you haven’t.

Different color ranges are available for different natural hair colors. 

The product also houses different highlight hair extensions and different shades of hair extensions. Therefore, you can choose among any, which you want and use for various events. Because, it is not always a viable option to dye your hair again and again. Once you dye your hair permanently, it takes time to get it off and you cannot apply a second color just like that! Therefore, these hair extensions look very natural on your hair and you can go for any shade that you desire to wear, anytime.


REECHO Curly Wavy 4 Pieces Blonde Mixed Clip in on Hair Extensions 

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An expensive alternative. This product from the brand Reecho , is its thickest, longest and the largest hair extensions clip. It is made of heat friendly synthetic material. The product has a matte finish and texture. The product allows for easy curling, straightening and hairstyling. It is easy to put on, wear and easy to wash as well. It helps to add volume to your hair. With this product you can decide the number of pieces you want to add to your hair, how long the extension should be or if you need to trim it. 

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Newluyang Ponytail Extension Blonde Long Wavy Curly

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A cheaper alternative.

This ponytail extension hair product claims to be a perfect match for natural looking hair extensions. The product is lightweight yet it adds a good volume to natural hair. There are plenty of different colors to choose from for different hair types. Suitable to be worn for any event or occasion. The hair extension is suitable for short hair, as well as, for women with thin hair type. It is pretty easy to wear for daily use, easy to clean and to maintain for a longer usage.

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FESHFEN Halo Hair Extensions 

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The product is in the same price range as the Sarla Natural Wave Halo Extension in comparison. This expansion specially suits for the curly hair beauties. Range of colors in this product are – pale golden blonde and bleach blonde. This product is lighter and more comfortable because of no hair clips or tape adhesive to be attached. That keeps the hassle of glue away. The invisible ground wire helps to lay the extension flat and stay smoothly on the head. It allows you to wear the product instantly with an adjustable wire for proper size setting. This product is also made with heat friendly synthetic fiber so that you can style your hair comfortably.

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In our opinion, the SARLA Blonde Hair Extension, is a must have!

It does what it claims to do. It gives you natural-looking voluminous hair. It also helps you to style your hair as you need. There are no hassles of wearing it. You can trim the hair extensions or adjust the headband for a comfortable setting. The product is very lightweight on the head and does not feel uncomfortable. It is easy to wear for daily use. Just like any other hair extensions product this product also needs care and maintenance. You have to be gentle while using it and not brush it roughly. You don’t need too much pulling to make the hair extensions sit properly on your hair. It works for a long period of time and suits different hair types and hair colors.

Do give it a try and let us know your reviews of the same.