Our Review Of 6 Premium Liquid Eye Shadows

Just like they come in various hues and colors, eyeshadows come in different applicators, too. Powder eye shadow color palettes, liquid easy-to-glide formula and stick (like your lip balms). Liquid eyeshadows are a hot topic in eyeshadows today! You can choose among a lot from nearby drug stores or you can go awe over premium eyeshadows. Premium liquid eyeshadows speak a lot for themselves and their effectiveness on any eye makeup, that is our story here today. 

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How to Use Eye Shadow, When to Use Eye Shadows?

Whether you’re a fan of premium liquid eyeshadow or prefer drugstore eyeshadows, this list of elements is a must have when using an eyeshadow – face wash and moisturizer, right eyeshadow brushes, eyeshadow palette, eyelash curler, eyeliner, kohl or kajal, eye primer and concealer, fake lashes (optional for some) and mascara. 

The first step is to start by cleaning or washing your face with a face wash or cleanser. Then to hydrate and nourish it use a moisturizer on  your face. Next, an eye primer to set the base (just like in face makeup), followed by a concealer for under eye dark circles, a suitable color palette (suiting to the right occasion), eyeliner to line upper lashes and kajal or kohl, to line the lower water line. Nowadays, eyeliner or kajal can be used interchangeably for upper, as well as, lower eyelash line.  Lastly, you may opt for fake eyelashes to dramatize the look and a mascara to accentuate eyelashes (fake or normal). 

To know exactly, how to do an eye makeup using an eyeshadow for various eye makeup looks, read our easy-to-understand article, curated for beginners and professionals.

There’s more to that basic story! For instance, beside using an eye primer and a concealer, using an eyeshadow base is very important. The reasons behind the involvement of needed elements and what are the basic steps using eyeshadow in eye makeup. Furthermore, the crease line, brow bone and the inner eyelid interplay is crucial to any good eyeshadow eye makeup. Hence, we would recommend that you take a look at this, to grasp a complete knowledge. 

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Pros/Cons of Liquid Eye Shadow vs Powder/Stick Eye Shadow

For whom

Liquid eyeshadows are majorly suitable for normal-dry skin beauties. While, powder eyeshadow is more benefitting on oily and combination types of skin. On the other hand, stick eyeshadow are more versatile than liquid eyeshadow and ideal for both dry and sensitive skin. If you have ageing lines and wrinkles, liquid eyeshadow is more ideal than powder eyeshadows, as the latter one will only accentuate those lines even more. 

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Liquid eye shadow has a fluid consistency, powder eyeshadows are in loose form and stick eyeshadows are in solid stick form. Because of liquid eyeshadows fluid consistency, they are comparatively easier to glide on the eye. No matter, if you have very fine lines, wrinkles and creases. It can be put on and smoothly glided across the eye line. Stick eyeshadows may need a little tugging if the surface is not quite smooth.       

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Unlike powder eyeshadows, because they are loosely structured, therefore, are more prone to flaky bits all over the eye lashes, eyes and cheeks. But liquid eyeshadows do not cause that problem.

Precision and perfect application

A disadvantage of liquid eyeshadows is that because of its fluid nature, it is more vulnerable to spillage if you do not apply the eyeshadow with a steady hand. A little up-down here and there can cause it to spill on eyes. Whereas, with stick/powder formula, such is not the case. Stick eyeshadow makes it easier and more controlled hand application. 


Liquid eyeshadows have a buildable coverage. 

Long wear

Liquid eyeshadows are long lasting and usually, stays on all through the day and night without any fading. 

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Wiping off mistakes

Unlike liquid eyeshadow, powder eyeshadow is easily corrected, using a concealer perhaps! But liquid eyeshadows are not as easily removable or covered up using such makeup tricks. Then again, because of its liquid nature, wiping off with a damp cloth, e.g. wet tissue or Q-tip is hassle-some. You cannot also use a concealer to hide it because rubbing a liquid eyeshadow will only make matters worse!

Oily skin issues

If you’re prone to oiliness or stickiness on your eyelids, then a liquid eyeshadow wouldn’t be an appropriate choice for you. Whereas powder or stick eyeshadow formula can be more easily used. Now, of course there are liquid eyeshadows with waterproof formula that can ace even on oily skin beauties. 


Liquid eyeshadows are harder to blend than powder or stick eyeshadows. Their total application process needs a quicken pace, if they dry up in between, it will be difficult for you to blend it evenly and smoothly. Moreover, once the liquid eyeshadows set in place, unlike powder eyeshadows it is difficult to correctly blend it in. 


Powder eye shadow is dry in nature. But, unlike powder and stick eyeshadow, liquid eyeshadow takes quite some time to dry up. If you open your eyes wide open too fast, the product may stick up at unwanted places. 

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Why Premium Product vs Drugstore

Quality of Ingredients Used

Premium products are being actively evaluated with advanced chemical composition of the ingredients used. Their formulation incorporates advanced and pricier technology than drugstore products.  


Because of affordability, drugstore products can be used more for experimenting with different products and shades of eyeshadows. Especially helpful for you, when you’re uncertain about any product and simply trying out!


Premium products come in cuter and prettier packaging, than drugstore products. 

Target specific need

Because of its performance and quality of elements used, premium products are recommended by many experts, to be used on specific skin needs. If price is the major concern of premium products, then it would be more advantageous and cost-effective to use it on target skin issues for more promising and desired results. 

Trending colors or classics

Drugstore products focus more on trending colors of the season. That may be because of their larger and easy availability and affordability for the larger section of the population. Premium products on the other hand, have a more all-time classic range of shades. 


Premium makeup products have more quality makeup applicators, like makeup brushes, designer eyeliner pencil etc. that is helpful in making makeup applications smooth and hassle free. 

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Pigmentation is more improved and higher in premium products than drugstore makeup products. Premium products color payoff is more enhanced than its drugstore counterpart. 

Our Review


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A highly pigmented and a long wear liquid formula, with a shimmery finish from the house of Haus Laboratories. Gives you rich color payoff with a blendable liquid to powder formula that caters to bring an intense depth to any eye makeup look.



  1. Smear proof
  2. Shade-shift shimmer 
  3. Smooth gliding
  4. 3-D highlighting
  5. Easy to wear and remove
  6. Everyday color
  7. Vegan and cruelty free 
  1. Long time to dry out
  2. Not opaque
  3. Glitters flake everywhere
  4. Not easy blending

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2. Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow 

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From the brand Stila Cosmetics comes a perfect combination of glitters and pearl that gives your eyes a flush of shimmer and luster. It has a glitter finish with a unique water infused texture. Effortless glide on and smooth dry out with a very minimal fallout.



  1. All day lasting
  2. Blendable
  3. Good for hooded eyes
  4. Easy wear
  5. Easily washable
  6. Doesn’t take too long to dry
  7. No sticky residue
  1. Minimal, yet falls out

3. Butter LONDON Sheer Wisdom Serum Shadow 

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From the brand Butter London this liquid eyeshadow comes in the form of serum with a weightless matte tint. Its unique texture makes it easily applicable. A rich pigmented color with satin-matte like finish. It goes from high pigmented color to light powder, giving you crease-free performance.



  1. Doesn’t crack or smear
  2. Suits on olive skin type
  3. Quite quick in application
  4. Goes on all skin tone
  1. Layering can make it heavy on eyes
  2. Doesn’t prime eyelids
  3. Creased through the day on oily prone skin
  4. Easily smudges


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4. Jane iredale Eye Shere Liquid Eye Shadow 

Image courtesy: https://bit.ly/3pMfmc9

A crease resistant creamy formula from Jane Iredale gives shimmer to eyelids. The product hides imperfections and soothes skin. Macadamia esters help to hydrate and the product offers smooth coverage.   



  1. Not irritating to sensitive eyes and contact lens wearer
  2. Good as inner eye corner highlighter
  3. Works as a casual eye shadow base
  4. Works all day
  5. No creasing
  1. Subtle shimmer
  2. Quite small tube


5. Cover FX Shimmer Veil: Weightless Cream Shimmer with a Crease-Proof, Transfer-Proof Formula 

Image courtesy: https://bit.ly/36I8QeQ

The product aims to give you an impactful shimmery glow .  It has ultra-fine pearls that help achieve a high impact glow on your eyelids. It is weightless and crease-proof, a transfer proof liquid eyeshadow that provides multidimensional glow. It can be used on eyes, cheeks and lips giving a vibrant look.

6. Smith & Cult Glitterbaby Metallic-Shift Eyeshadow 

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It is a liquid glitter eyeshadow with metal color-shift effect on eyes from the brand Smith & Cult. Helps you to create the Smokey eye look, whether using your fingers or any eye makeup smudger brush.  Similarly, you can layer in multiple other hues for a more dramatic look.         



  1. Comfortable to wear all day
  2. Long wearing
  3. No smudging
  4. No creasing
  1. Consistency is watery
  2. Mediocre performance



Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow is our favourite. It does what it’s supposed to and checks all our boxes for a great eye shadow! The product is easily wearable and easier to remove, which is a blessing indeed. It doesn’t take too long to dry and lasts all day. It provides a flush of shimmer color to eyes that, if needed, is easily blendable. Its texture is unique and has bare minimum fallout. Effortless application with lasting all-day look that is easy to wear and makes your eyes shine. We loved it!