The Amazing Greyhound Gallery

They’re the fastest couch potatoes to wag a tail…

When in full stride, these speedsters are impossible to catch; but when they’re lounging on your bed, it’s hard to imagine them moving at all. And when they gaze at you, you’re smitten.

Be they Iggies (Italian greyhounds) or Greyts (greyhounds), these elegant dogs have been the subjects of artists’ gazes for more than two thousand years. Sleek and slim, they’ve got the looks and bearing of supermodels—yet all it takes is a lopsided grin, a poke of the nose, or a whimsical head tilt to make you realize they are playful clowns at heart.

Greyhounds of all sizes bring gentleness and grace into the homes of those who love them. Greyhounds Big and Small celebrates these affectionate and beautiful creatures with more than fifty photographs that skillfully capture the essence of “greyhoundedness.”