Essential Yoga Poses



Yoga has a long and rich history that, like many things, has been developed and refined over time. The goal of this book is to accomplish a few things as you read. First, I want to give you some history on the practices of yoga and how they were developed. It’s always interesting to know the origins of something, as it can broaden your mind. As such, I intend to provide some background on the original purpose of yoga. With this knowledge, you will hopefully be able to dive in to this book with more of an open mind.

The whole idea of this book is to give you poses or exercises that will help you gain control of your mind and be able to focus your thoughts, which can be a very powerful tool. Which brings us to our next goal, teaching you about breathing and the power that can bring. The idea of yoga is to reach enlightenment, to this end, if you can control your breathing you will be on your way to controlling your body, which in turn gives you control over your mind. The whole idea of yoga is to put your body through various positions of increasing difficulty, and the more control you have over your mind the easier it will be to accomplish the more difficult poses.

Which brings us to the next goal, and for most people the meat of any yoga book. The poses or positions that are meant to help you focus the mind. Yoga practice typically starts with the more basic ones, just trying to meditate and relax the mind and body and gradually moving toward more difficult positions while hopefully still being able to maintain the relaxed state of body and mind.

Control over your mind is so important for yoga and for everyday life. When you have the power to focus, your mind can exert some form of control over a muscle that truly seems to have a mind of its own. Through yoga practice, you will be able to have better focus and hopefully achieve happiness. This happiness comes from enlightenment, the discovery of your body and the ability to focus and sharpen your mind. We will discuss how this control is important to yoga and can translate into other aspects of your life in the last section of this book.

Yoga is learned, something that can be taught and something that can be very beneficial to those of you who may feel troubled or unfocused in their life. Once you have started down the path to yoga, I hope this book will be a book you can use to help you along the way. I also hope if you love it you will continue on your journey and try to learn as much as you can to benefit you and help you achieve your goals of enlightenment and control over the mind.

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